Welcome, random tester!

To try Dino Maker, click PLAY NOW > LEVEL EDITOR. You can create or test current test levels created.
This is an EARLY BETA, so don't expect all features to work.

If you have a log in via one of my other games like Retro Knight, you can use that to log in and create/save levels! Lucky you!

CLICK DINO LAB > EDIT DINO to try a few editing/coloring features
In the LEVEL EDITOR, click SETTINGS to try out the FIRST 9 different level themes.

- Things that work -
Help Menus
Logging In
Create A Level
Save A Level
Edit A Level
Testing A Level
Limited Level Editor Menus and Help Options

- Things that do NOT work -
Playing The Normal Game
Viewing Levels made by others
Dino Lab